Our Story

 Suzanne Dunn

The Designer

SUZANNE DUNN’s Founder and Creative Director, Suzanne Dunn, is a talented and insightful visionary whose strong faith in Christ and belief in the power of perseverance have resulted in the conception of her eponymous fine jewelry line.

Born and raised on the tropical Caribbean isle of Jamaica, and emigrating to New York to pursue a career in medicine but later switching to architecture, it would be a very personal and spiritual turn of events that would ultimately introduce Suzanne to the world of jewelry design.

After graduating from the Gemological Institute of America and working with several master jewelers, Suzanne set out on a journey to establish a brand with a difference. With an unrelenting desire to create modern heirloom-worthy fine jewelry, while providing economic empowerment to women in local and global communities, she formed her New York based brand in 2016. Suzanne’s design sensibility has been influenced by her faith, her study of ancient architecture and her keen interests in anthropology and urban art.

With a social outlook and an esthetic characterized by bold sophistication, spiritual references and expert craftsmanship, SUZANNE DUNN is a unique fine jewelry brand that is becoming increasingly sought-after by discerning collectors seeking to express themselves and leave their mark for generations to come through modern heirloom jewelry.


“The design process is a spiritual journey. It is one way that
God communicates with me.” - Suzanne Dunn

The Brand

SUZANNE DUNN JEWELRY was birthed from a profound vision and a determined desire to create modern heirloom-worthy fine jewelry, while providing economic empowerment to women in the local and global communities who have overcome adversity. The belief that every women has a unique story to tell and our desire to honor that story with the creation of equally unique and exceptional jewelry, serve as inspiration to SUZANNE DUNN’s creations.

Founded by the talented and insightful designer Suzanne Dunn in 2016, the brand’s timeless creations are passionately crafted by skilled jewelers with love and time-honored jewelry making traditions, to produce collections with soul. Committed to social empowerment and environmental sustainability, SUZANNE DUNN’s jewelry is thoughtfully made with responsibly mined precious metals,100% conflict-free diamonds and colored gemstones that are traceable from mine to market.

SUZANNE DUNN’s collections are designed for today’s women who wish to express themselves and tell their story through modern heirloom jewelry that will also allow them to forever link themselves to their loved ones for generations to come.


Design Ethos

SUZANNE DUNN’s jewelry is crafted with precious metals and gemstones that have been carefully sourced to reflect our commitment to social empowerment and environmental sustainability. Our commitment also to ethical manufacturing means that we will only collaborate with suppliers who are actively working to lessen the impact mining has on our planet.

SUZANNE DUNN adheres to a strict policy of using only diamonds from suppliers that comply with the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), a monitoring scheme which guarantees that diamonds do not come from conflict areas or illegitimate sources.

All SUZANNE DUNN’s diamonds are certified by the most respected laboratories in the diamond industry, known for their consistency and unbiased grading systems. The diamond certificate, also known as the diamond report, includes an in depth analysis of the diamond’s dimensions, clarity, color, polish, symmetry, and other characteristics.

From responsibly mined precious metals to 100% conflict free diamonds to our commitment to support healthy and happy working conditions for our entire supply chain, every step we take moves us closer to achieving a higher level of sustainability.


“Design should not just be pretty; it must be the words
in the midst of silence.” - Suzanne Dunn


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